Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two "Transparent Towers" and two Large Sketchbooks. 
Left, "Broken", India ink. Foreground, "Protesters", acrylic paint.

Foreground sketchbook "Ads of the Times" acrylic paint.

"Facial Recognition" coffee, paint and charcoal.

"Subway Sketches" charcoal and paint.

"Broken" india ink.

Based on text from Flannery O'Connor. "The River", acrylic paint.

"After she had the money she slipped it somewhere inside her coat and walked over to a water color hanging near the phonograph. 'I know what time it is,' she said, peering closely at the black lines crossing into broken planes of violent color."

"Judas in Dante's Ninth Circle of Hell", charcoal and acrylic paint.

"Conspiracy Theories", collage, newspaper, found wheat paste posters, paint, ink.

"NO! Trash", collage made out of recycled bags.

"Public Page". Created by visitors and artists on opening night of The Brucennial 2012.

As part of Vincent Romaniello's installation of his "Large Sketchbook" project at The Brucennial 2012, 
he invited fellow artists and visitors at the opening reception to add their own art work, tags, or 
anything else they dreamed up, to a large blank page.